Privacy Notice

This privacy notice has been prepared by Scalando Holding AS and its subsidiaries ("we" or "us") to ensure that you receive the information we are required to provide you and which is necessary for you to exercise your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679 ‚Äì the "GDPR"). 


This privacy statement applies to our processing of the following persons' personal data:

  • Our business customers' contact persons

  • Employees of our customers

  • The users of the service as invited by our customers

  • Our suppliers' and collaborators' contact persons

  • Visitors to our website


Scalando is the data processor with respect to personal data processed on behalf of Scalando's customers. Such processing takes place in order to fulfill Scalando's contractual obligations towards the customer. Separate data processing agreements between Scalando and its customers govern such processing of personal data, where the customer is the data controller.

Below we have listed the purposes for our processing of personal data, what kind of personal data we process, and the legal basis for such processing.

3.1 Processing of personal data in connection with registration and administration of user profiles

In connection with the registration and administration of your user account on the Scalando platform, we will process the following of your personal data:

  • Name/name of the contact

  • E-mail

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • Company name

  • Telephone number

Personal data registered when setting up a user profile will mainly be used for the purpose of providing a service based on the information registered. This processing is necessary for us to be able to fulfill our agreement with you and has a basis in GDPR article 6 no. 1 (b).

3.2 Processing of personal data in order to improve our service offerings

For the purpose of developing statistics and improving the services we offer you, Scalando may anonymize and aggregate the following personal data:

  • Profile information and service usage

Scalando will use these statistics in order to improve our service offerings by monitoring general user patterns on an aggregated level. Such processing activities will only be carried out following strict anonymization procedures, meaning that it will not be possible to trace this information back to you. Our basis for this processing activity is GDPR Article 6 no. 1 letter f) (legitimate interest), seeing that we have a legitimate interest in anonymizing data for the purpose of improving our services.

3.3 Processing of personal data when we communicate directly with you

Scalando aims at providing our customers with updated information on any updates or other issues we deem relevant for the customers to enjoy the services we offer. We will therefore from time to time publish newsletters and other relevant information to individuals who have registered a user profile on the Scalando platform.

Any marketing content will only be communicated to you if you have expressly given your consent to such communication. Consent is obtained when you register for the use of the Scalando platform and may be withdrawn at any time. Our basis for this type of communication is GDPR Article 6 no. 1 letter a) (consent) and the Marketing Practices Act section 15 (1).

You will also receive by email information, notifications, or other content related to the use of the Scalando platform. [We will for example send you a notification by email when you have reached a goal or achievement by utilizing the service. Such communication does not include any marketing material, and our basis for such communication is GDPR Article 6 no. 1 letter b (agreement) and letter f (legitimate interest).

3.4 Use of cookies on the Scalando website and platform

Scalando uses operational cookies for session management.


Our IT service providers may have access to personal data if the personal data is stored by the service provider or in any other way accessible to the provider according to their contract with us.

Our invoicing agent may gain access to your personal data in connection with the invoicing of services rendered. The data that is processed in this context will be limited to the data that appears on the invoice, including name, address, e-mail, etc. A data processor agreement has been entered into with our invoicing agent, as required by law.

Our service providers act in accordance with a data processor agreement and our instructions. The service provider may only use the personal data for a purpose predefined by us and as described in this privacy notice.

We do not disclose personal data in other instances or other ways than what is described in this privacy statement unless explicitly requested or approved by the client, or the disclosure is required by law.


The data is stored for as long as required by law, and Scalando will delete the data when it is no longer required for the purposes described under this privacy statement. This period is dependent on the type of information and why it is being stored.


You hold the rights to any personal data that pertains to you. Your specific rights depend upon the circumstances in question.

Retraction of consent: If you have consented to receive marketing material such as newsletters, you may at any time retract your consent. We have made sure that it is easy for you to opt-out from receiving this type of communication by including a link in each newsletter for unsubscribing from the service. If you have consented to any other processing of personal data, you may also at any time contact us and retract your consent to this processing.

Request access to information: You have the right to request information on the personal data pertaining to you we have on file, as long as this does not conflict with the duty of confidentiality. In order to ensure that personal data is handed over to the right individual, we may require a written motion for access to information, or that ID is confirmed in another way.

Request correction or deletion of information: You may request that we correct incorrect information regarding you or that we delete your personal data. We will to the best of our abilities comply with such a request, but we cannot comply if there are strong grounds for not deleting it, for example, if we need to store the data for documentation reasons. Be advised that if you request that we delete your account, all personal data and progress status info will be deleted, and you will not be able to recover this information later. To delete your account at any time, please send an email to the admin of your Scalando Tenant.

Complaint to the regulatory authority: If you disagree with the way we process your personal data, you can submit a complaint to The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Norwegian: Datatilsynet).


We have established procedures for handling personal data in a secure manner. The measures are of both technical and organizational nature. We regularly assess the security of all key systems that are used for handling personal data, and agreements are in place that imposes providers of such systems to ensure adequate information security.

Access to personal data is limited to personnel that needs access in order to execute their assignments.


We may make slight adjustments to this privacy notice. You can always find our latest version on our website. We will notify you in case of any material changes.


If you have any questions or comments on our privacy statement or want to exercise your rights, please contact us at:

Scalando Holding AS

Apotekergata 10 0180 Oslo Norway